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Hi, my name is Daniel da Silva.

I'm a hunter and a photographer. I love nature and the wild animals that inhabit it.


Hunting, for me, is all about outdoor experiences, wildlife encounters, community, conservation, sustainable meat, and the thrill of not knowing what's behind the next hill. During my years as a hunter, I've always strived to stay curious - to learn from others and to share my passion with like-minded individuals.

Photography is my way of capturing moments in nature. Every photo holds a story behind it, and I hope that story evokes emotions in the viewer.


My Podcast Jägaren revolves around nurturing curiosity as a hunter and fostering continuous development. I interview intriguing hunters to learn and disseminate knowledge.


You can follow my journey as a hunter and photographer on my YouTube channel and Instagram account.


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or if you're interested in collaboration.


All the best,


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